Pose Coach

Pose Coach

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Q. What makes you unique as a pose Coach?

A. I literally bend over backwards for my clients.

Q. How do you come up with such different creative positions?
A. You want your body to be fluid. We are mostly made up of water. I want who I’m coaching to become like water. I want the clients poses to portray what they are trying to convey. What poses are going to help you display what you’re trying to say in the picture?

Q. What does a pose mean when you look at the finished product? Does it speak to you in any way?

A. That’s subjective to the viewer. To another person a pose may mean one thing, but to me that same pose may mean something else. As long as that pose I coach you to means what you want it to mean to you, my purpose has been met.

Q. Why they should book you over someone else?

A. People should book me because I’m going to transform your world inside of mines.

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