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I model because I used to be really insecure. I never felt pretty enough, worthy enough, slim enough, thick enough, just never enough in societies eyes. Then one day, when I stepped in front of the camera, I was told that I was beautiful by the photographer. Then when I got the pictures back I realized I was, in fact, beautiful. It made me say to myself, ‘Remember when you were insecure and said you weren’t beautiful; and now people want to pay you all this money just because you’re beautiful?…’ With that being stated, every time I walk down a runway I remember those people are looking at me, admiring me and may even want to be me. And when you strut down that runway, with confidence, remember, they’re giving you that same admiration.


“To be captured in a frame, is to be captured for a lifetime. You never know how you could impact someone.” – Aisa Blue


“Walking a runway is being a walking masterpiece. Not only are you sharing the art of the designer, but your sharing the art of yourself through every strut.” – Aisa Blue


We here for a good time not a long time, ya know, aight!

I use modeling to help empower women who feel insecure as I once did; and since, many woman have come up to me to say I inspire them. That is the best win of all.

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