Shades Of Blue

Shades Of Blue

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Blue LaLa… My name is Aisa Davis also known as Aisa Blue. I was born and raised in the beautiful and southern capital of Columbia, SC. As a small child I was given a vision of preforming, I knew that I loved to preform for others as well as bring all that I saw to life through artistic expression. I have a heart for God and a heart for people. I simply love expressing what God has me to say to others through art form while displaying the thoughts others can’t express. #ThoughtsinBlue is more then a brand, it’s an experience, and if it doesn’t get you the first time come back and it will! My brand is an entertainment brand that provides the entertainment needs from modeling and acting to singing and spoken word. Welcome to my world and its many Shades of Blue…#thoughtsinblue.


Feel And Flow Like Water…


Move With Purpose; Stand With Confidence…


I’ll Give You Peace Of Mind To Give You A Piece of Mine…


The Sky Isn’t Your Limit, Go Further…

Blue means peace, tranquility, intelligence, soothing, order, reflection, and trust. The color blue Is inviting and defines who I am. Blue Has psychological healing properties and can make one feel calm. Blue Represents everything that I am and it just so happens Blue is in My Real Name. Aisa Blue Davis. I AM Real. I AM Authentic. I AM Transparent. All Shades Of Blue = All Sides Of Me.

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